Scharinger Simon

I am an Austrian artist with more than a decade of experience in the creative field. As a Designer, I have worked on corporate designs, editorial projects, digital interfaces (UI/UX), photography, and conceptual pieces. The transition from working as an UI/UX Designer for multiple years, to Fine Art marked a profound shift, guiding me into the intimate language of painting.

The expressions I perform are about forms of immediacy, transforming the inside out—raw & brute; no obscurance—surpassing this swallowing, silencing mode of deflection. Using the canvas in my practice as a filter which absorbs, a web that traps what otherwise gets through but never really leaves. That which stays is a remembrance of what cannot be ignored, should not be avoided & must not be denied. The expressive gesture concentrates into a (re)mark, imprints like scars left behind on the canvas. A reverent of itself, in itself, by itself, for itself & to itself. Not what you see is what you get but what is left is what you end up with. The ultimum, the afterimage, carefully following its traces.

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